The Grace Changer: When We Realize How Much Grace We Really Need

img_4348I’m back to being a Peter again this week. I read all about Jesus warning me about pride, and confidence, and denying Him with the actions of my life and the words of my mouth, and yet…I still messed up. I’ve mentioned a few times that the more aware of God’s Grace we become, the more prone we are to needing more of it. And that’s exactly what happened in my life this week. I talked and prayed and thought about Grace, and yet still in my social awkwardness I managed to forget to speak with Grace and instead proceeded to move forward without it… I said something dumb and unnecessary. Honestly, I didn’t even stop to consider Jesus before the words left my mouth. But as soon as they did…I could hear my own rooster crowing three times. And I could feel in my heart that I had neglected Jesus and His Grace.

John 6:28-29 Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.

With Grace comes the humility of discovering just how lost we are without Christ. I feel more convicted about my sin these days because I’ve become more aware of how wonderful Christ is, and this makes me see more clearly my inability to live up to what He is and how He walked through life on this earth. In other words, I keep messing up Grace. I want to give it away to the world but at the same time I see myself piling up my own need for more of it. I can’t give it away if I don’t first rest in it myself.

But here’s the thing, my grace is not the same as Jesus’ Grace. In all honesty, without Jesus I am not at all graceful or Grace covered. And this is where Jesus steps in… “Do you love me?” He asks, just as He asked Peter. He never comes in and says..”Hey I saw you mess up right then. What are you going to do about that?”. Instead He says, “Hey, I saw what happened, watch what I can do in your heart about it.” Your heart is what Jesus cares about. He says, “I’ve got you covered. My Grace is sufficient for you.” Then He picks you up, holds your hand, and walks with you right out your front door and back into His mission field.  He alone can give away the Grace. He alone will give you the strength to accomplish great things for His kingdom in your every day life. He will keep covering you. He will keep healing your heart for the world and for God and for Grace.

Grace that comes from myself will never be powerful or life changing. But Grace that comes from Jesus changes everything.

Even the Grace covered mess up. Even Peter messed up. Even you will mess up. But don’t think for a moment that Jesus can’t step in and save the day. The devil would like me to think this week, that I am not good enough for the mission field of Christ. That my sin is too often and too much. He would have me believe that there isn’t enough Grace in the entire world to make me worthy enough of Christ’s calling to follow Him. In a way He’s right. There isn’t enough Grace in the world. But there is more than enough Grace in Jesus for me. And He has more than enough Grace for you too.

I was standing at my sink a few nights ago once again washing the dishes. I realized then that this is something that I do everyday because everyday the dishes get dirtied again. Everyday the dishes get used. And I don’t throw the dishes out just because they’re dirty, or just because I’ve used them once for my purpose. God does the same with us. He washes us everyday in Grace because everyday we are dirtied and everyday He uses us. We aren’t disposable to Him. And His Grace isn’t disposable.

If you’ve messed up this week, take heart. Jesus came to be a doctor to the sick, not the healthy. The more Grace we need, the more Grace Jesus gives. He is changing you for His glory, He has saved you from your sin. Conviction in our hearts of our wrong doing is nothing more than the realization of how far, and wide, and deep the love of Jesus is for us. The smaller we become, the greater He becomes to us. Jesus will see your dirty spots and help you overcome them. The devil will see your dirty spots and tell you that you aren’t worth anything because of them. Listen to the truth. Listen to Jesus. See His face as He asks, “Do you love me?” because that is the only question in our hearts that should matter.

John 5:24 I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.



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