Autumnal Grace: A Moment of Rest

My husband is out at his life group tonight for church, and I’m in bed recovering from a slight bout of sickness which tried to take me down today and won. You won’t read this post until morning, but I couldn’t help but sit here and think how maybe you would like to hear about the beauty of my evening in, the beauty of an evening just spent in rest.

I probably could have willed myself out of this bed and tried to get more housework done. Or maybe I could have continued my search for some work-from-home writing jobs, (if you hear of any let me know!). But instead I sat here with windows open and heart at rest. And I could hear the kids playing down the street. The little boys who are still too young for school but who ride their little tricycles by my kitchen window each day and whose voices I hear rising high above the fence of their backyard and spilling out across the neighborhood. It’s this sound I hear tonight, combined with the crackling of a neighbor’s fire, burning leaves that he raked from the yard earlier this afternoon, and the scent of an autumn crackling burn pile wafts right in here next to me. And I keep thinking how almost everything I write to you these days has been heavy. Just really heavy stuff. Because honestly that has been what is on my heart, and that has been what is filling my days.

But there is lighter stuff mixed in there too. I was thinking tonight about how maybe the lighter stuff is just as important as the heavy, because maybe it reminds us that God is full of peace and that nights like this one are His gifts to us. Perhaps it is important for me to remind you and remind myself that it’s these lighter days, no matter how rare, that give us the strength to greet the harder ones.

And I just want to remind you that our God is full of so much peace. That our Jesus is a soft spoken, grace-filled, power-house whose joy is in our resting in Him. It’s a message that I heard preached at my church a few weeks ago, how we need His rest, and it’s a message I hadn’t fully grasped until right now. Did I want rest? Of course I did, but maybe it just wasn’t my time to rest yet.

There are times when it is necessary to pursue God’s Kingdom in hard places, times when we feel the need to fight against the breaking waters of this world just to see His Grace fill us again. And then there comes the calm in the storm, the moments when Jesus himself went out in a boat across the sea just to rest, just to be alone with God. My moment for this happened tonight.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up with a new battle set before me. Maybe tomorrow I will forget that today I was brave in the pursuing of new dreams. Maybe tomorrow I will fall into doubt. But for today, for right now, I’m caught up in His peace.

Friends, I’m praying you have peace like this in your life. I’m praying that every now and then a glimmer of Heaven will peak in through your windows and that you will summon up the grace enough to sit down and dwell in it. That maybe for just a moment we could set down our baggage and feel what it is to arrive at home, feel what it is to know that our home is in the arms of Jesus and these quiet nights and quiet mornings are all just a gift from Him as we are passing by.

Psalm 23: 1-3 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.”


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