An Evening Grace Note: The First of Many

Dear Reader,

I feel God’s Grace so strongly when the wind picks up a cool autumn breeze, complete with the scent of burning leaves and dry weathered wood, and wraps me up in it. It’s like a moment of warmth and crisp autumnal Grace all combined, all vying for my heart, all whispering the goodness of God and stilling my heart to hear His voice. I want to invite you to sit around this autumn grace with me tonight.

The world is a hard place and its people are just as challenging. We are just as challenging. But God is always up for those challenges. And I can feel His assurance even though my relationships are hard right now. I can experience His peace even though life is in turmoil. I can dwell in His rest…even though I live in a high powered world with high powered people and schedules, and expectations, and spectators.

Do you know God holds your life in His hands? And not in a threatening, power hungry way. Instead He holds your life in His hands in a meaningful, mending, mighty way. You contain His life and His life is yours. He was broken and poured out for you, because you were broken and being poured out for nothing. The Grace of Christ is the glue for your life. And moments around the fire as autumn leaves crackle before you and for just a second your world feels at peace? Moments like this where you can just take a second to breathe? That’s God allowing the glue of Grace to dry, to hold you back together.

People are hard…but so were you. If God can shower us with Grace when we are falling apart, and saying the wrong things, and chasing the wrong dreams, and holding on to baggage which is calling to us like idols, then maybe we could choose to love a world that seems unlovable and too hard and too heart wrenching. Maybe you said the wrong things today…maybe you forgot about Grace…I know I did. It’s ok, dear reader. There is more Grace to be had, more Grace to be experienced, and more Grace to give. There is more Grace in God. And if He lives in us, then we possess the ability to live with Grace upon Grace upon Grace.

Sometimes we just need to remember Him. Sometimes we just need to go through the fire to once again recall how homesick we are for Heaven. Sometimes we just need to sit by His fire and warm up to the idea that loving, and living, and giving are hard…but worth it. God saw that you were hard…but He decided that you were worth it too. Those hard people we are hearing? Those hard lives we are living? They are worth it. God says they are, and I think deep down you know it too.

You are loved in this hard world by a mighty and Graceful God, that you might show that same love that you have received to others. Keep striving for Grace…keep setting down discouragement and failure and judgement and baggage…and pick up more of His Spirit as it gently yet powerfully comes to us in these autumn breezes.

In Him,

A fellow wanderer in this home away from home.

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