A Sunday Grace Reflection: To the Top of the Tower

Holy Hill located in Wisconsin

Sometimes church steeples poke their heads out high above tall trees full of golden yellows and rich reds, almost as if to say “you’re not looking high enough, look higher still”. God’s ways are above our ways, and His light and His love shine down on us from even the highest heights. No depth can keep you from Him, you always only need look up…above the tree tops, above the steeples, above the clouds. Keep looking up to the God whose face shines brightly down back at you, and I think you will find that He can make you rise from ashes, He can make you rise from the lowest points of life.


Holy Hill located in Wisconsin

So yesterday we climbed to the top of the tower to maybe see if we could see the world as God sees it, and do you want to know what we found when we got to the top? That God was higher still. And while we couldn’t reach His height we found that He wasn’t out of reach. Because our God who is higher, loved us enough to come lower, and to live where we live and to breathe what we breathe and to suffer what we suffer and to carry our cross. Way up high is a kingdom we haven’t seen yet, and yet there is a God we have felt and who has felt our hearts. It doesn’t matter how high we climb, it matters how high we look. If we are always looking up to the one who is higher, it is in Him we will rise, and in this rising we will live.


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