A Grace Note: Why America’s Leaders Don’t Define You

My husband and I traveled to Yellowstone in August and my mind is fixed on this photo that I took while we were there. The God who created the universe also created this rushing river and those rising pines and that glorious cover of light which arises each morning to faithfully awaken the earth. My husband pointed out this morning that in last night’s debate, neither candidate said “God bless America”, and I think the realization of that is breaking my heart just a little, because I look at this photo and I remember how God has richly provided for this nation of wanderers and home seekers and those who seek refuge and freedom, and I just can’t understand why we wouldn’t ask Him to keep blessing this land. But I remembered that this nation has provided religious freedom, and with that freedom from religion. And my heart aches because no I don’t think the government should tell you what to believe or what to think, but I do long for America’s people to see and to know that there is more freedom in Christ than this country could ever offer, and with His freedom comes rest and peace…not rhetoric and lies. If your heart is hurting from watching the debate, and hearing the heartbreaking rhetoric of those who desire to be our leaders, take heart in knowing that our citizenship is in Heaven and that this world is not our home. Take heart that Heaven is also a place for the home seekers, those who seek refuge, and those who have wandered. Heaven is the ideal, and while America struggles in her efforts to even come close to that, all we can do as citizens of Heaven is to continue to love, continue to pursue peace, continue to lead lives of humility and of the Gospel. Our earthly leaders don’t define us, only our Heavenly leaders do, only Christ does. And so even if our leaders never utter these words again…we who are of Christ continue to do so, God bless America and her people. We are the land of the free because of the brave, and the brave are those who keep striving for peace. 


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