A Grace Note: A Hope that Crumbles Fear

Dear Reader,
I needed a break and am taking some quiet time this morning to reflect on the Goodness of God and dwell in His rest before heading out the door today to conquer some big battles and hopefully receive answers. I took this photo while I was hiking with my sister this last weekend and this capture of almost blinding light searing through the tree tops has stolen my focus. Even through the beautiful moments of life, God’s love and His light are still more beautiful than anything on this earth. The hard days that we face are only fleeting, but the beauty of the Grace of God is eternal and the warmth of His Heaven will always be our Home. We walk this Earth not knowing what comes next in this life but are assured of what definitely comes in the next life. And really the next life, our Heaven life, is just an extension, a continuation, of the Life that has already begun in us. We aren’t mere mortals and our hearts and souls are not fleeting. Our God holds those things in His strong hands and He tells us that nothing can touch us there. We are more than conquerors. We are more than this life. We are children of God, Redeemed and Loved and now Eternal, because Christ has promised that even though we die in Him we Live. Even though our earthly dreams may die, our souls and their purpose will still live on with Joy. We have Life to the fullest, Life everlasting, and a Hope that breaks mountains and slays our giants and crumbles our fears. I don’t know what comes next in this life for me or for you, but I do know that Christ and Heaven and our Father God wait for us at the end of this story and at the end and in the midst of our fleeting fears. All is Grace, and God is bigger than what you face today. 

In Christ, 

A Fellow Grace Chaser


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