A Grace Note: Grace in the Changing Seasons of Life 

Dear Reader, 

There are days during autumn when leaves fall like whisps of beauty down from their heights and fill our paths and sidewalks and yards with a blanket of golden heavenly warmth, and we experience something almost otherworldly as the seasons exchange their greens for golds and soon their golds for white. And I can’t help but feel overcome this week by how I have almost refused to change with the seasons of my life gracefully. The earth goes so gracefully from one season to the next, trusting its creator and moving forward without reluctance on to something new, and yet at the same time on to something old and timeless. The trees trust their maker and He clothes them in each new season with glorious new dress as they circle back and forth from death to life. Each new season has its own beauty, its own purpose, its own crowning glory. And I watch the world in its natural state do this so effortlessly, and yet I am so reluctant to let the seasons pass in my own life, almost as if I’m afraid beauty won’t come with a new season. But God proves it over and over again, year after year, that the world keeps spinning and changing and He keeps not changing in His promise to continue to bless and to love us and to make beauty rise from ashes and fallen leaves and lives that seem bare. We change and we grow and we rise. And this is the cycle that God has so lovingly instilled in us. New seasons can be met with strength and certainty that the one who created them knows where He is piloting the ship, knows what beauty He has destined to arrive at what time. Embrace your season today…it’s something I’m still learning to do, something God is still showing me how to do. All is Grace, friends. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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