A Grace Note: Intertwined Stories

Dear Reader, 

It’s my Mama’s birthday today, and all I can think about is how strong she is, and how deeply she loves us kids, and how heavily she has impacted my life. So many days I get tossed around by the gusts of this life and I forget to really see the people who have forged their love into my life and who have helped to craft my soul into something more beautifully intertwined with the story of God’s creation and with His people. God’s People can sometimes feel like such a huge term, such a vast eternal concept…and yet my Mama is God’s person, and my Father is God’s person, and my sisters are God’s people, and my neighbors and my friends, and those people who live their lives in close proximity to my own. And suddenly “God’s People” feels more like home, feels entirely personal, and small in the best way possible, and yet huge. My Mama was God’s plan for both me and her, and maybe this idea that we are so intertwined and so connected and that we belong to each other, maybe that’s what God meant by establishing His People as a family…that we would never feel alone because our stories are always so strongly intertwined with one another. My mama has made sure that I never feel alone, and she has broken down walls for me, and she has laid a foundation for my life, and she has shared her own life with me, and she brought me into this life. And I’m so thankful that I am a part of her story and she is a part of mine. And I’m so thankful for this little thing called heritage that God has created. I’m so thankful that God intertwines all of His People’s stories, because when we realize our stories are all apart of each other’s, we realize how important everyone is on a deep level that can’t quite be described but can be experienced.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer

P.S. Happy birthday, Mama! I am so thankful for your strong spirit, your kind soul, and your incredible story. 


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