A Grace Note: As October Passes By 

Dear Reader, 

We were driving home today and I noticed that the trees blurring by us on the highway weren’t quite as full of their autumn splendor as they were when I snapped this photo a few weeks ago. Where foliage once filled, now there are only a sprinkling of yellows clinging on to the outermost branches, just waiting for the breeze to strengthen enough to carry them away to where the rest of autumn’s golden blanket lies below the bending arches instead of above them. And there are two days left in this blessing we’ve named October, and then the strength of November will hustle in and the holidays will fill our minds and our time and soft flakes of white will soon mingle with the yellow and red whisps of Fall along our sidewalks and on our rooftops, and the world will freeze…will pause…in silent Thanks to the Father God who has graciously given and who beautifully resurrects life from even the coldest months that cover us and who has held us in His warmth all these last days of summer and now autumn. I was just thinking today how Good and Beautiful is our God and is our Christ, and how I don’t want to miss out on His handiwork this year while the seasons gracefully change. I look at His creation and I am more than compelled to give Him thanks and to thirst for His mercy and to dwell in His Grace. We love a Good and Faithful God and we are saved by a Humble and Sacrificial Christ. We are entering a month of Thanks, and I pray that this coming November will be a month of powerful prayer and Thanksgiving among God’s people and that His joy will be made known and that His heart for us will be made evident in this world. Christ said that the world will know we are His by how we Love, and maybe we show our Love for Him by kneeling down in humble Thanksgiving and rising up in the Joy of Redemption by the Lamb. Just some thoughts as this October passes by and as we welcome with thankful hearts the blessing and provision of November. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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