A Grace Note: A Slow Changing October 

Dear Reader, 

And there it goes, October, quietly passing by. The most beautiful October I can remember. These warm lingering days of autumn have been a blessing I didn’t even know that I needed. But I so needed this. I needed a year to dwell in the changing seasons. Many years I blink and autumn and her splendor have already gone, and winter has snapped in far too early. But this year has been different. Maybe it’s because my life has slowed down so very much. Maybe it’s because my season of waiting has dragged on across weeks, and months, and seasons, and years. Maybe it’s because I don’t know what’s next…but the earth spinning gently always changes in beautiful ways, God designed it that way. And He designed us to change in slow beautiful ways too. We can’t control all the outcomes of our dreams, but we can keep faithfully and gracefully spinning on with the earth as it holds us during our little while here. Maybe it’s not the dreaming or the planning that fulfills the desires of our hearts, maybe it’s the faithful living in the light of our heavenly destiny that does. And our dreams, while seemingly high and sometimes looming, are not even close to the beauty of the reality that God has written on the pages of our lives. Christ has gone to prepare a place for us, and we have gone on living this life to prepare for that place and to prepare space in our hearts for more time with Him. Friends, the changing of seasons in our lives is as natural and life giving as the changing of seasons in this world. Expect change and you can expect growth. And expect Jesus to show up for you in every single new season you feel your life transforming into. Every new season prepares us for the next. Each one eventually passes by, and each is graciously replaced by the Father with something new. It’s how we know we are growing, it’s how we mark the passing of time. Change is part of God’s plan for us, whether He is changing our perspective, our lives, or our minds…He is out to change us, in the most beautiful and eternal ways.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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