A Grace Note: Expect Grace 

Dear Reader, 

Change seemed imminent this November. I had been anxiously anticipating change on many fronts in the weeks leading up to this fresh new month. But God has left things the same for me. And I stare with hope at the weeks ahead, and I long for the crisp air of November to wash something clean in me that I just can’t seem to find words for. There is something spiritual stirring in my heart, but the physical hasn’t been able to recognize it or embody it. And so I wait. As I have learned to do for years, for the change that is in my soul to manifest into the change that is my life. It is still warm here today, and the sun is shining, and the leaves are still blanketing the yard with their golden hues. But my heart is already anticipating the fresh fallen snow, the cold winter mornings, the sparkle of lights shining down from the heavens and out from our pine trees dressed and awaiting the celebration of our Savior King. I’m ready for something new. God has kept me waiting, but the longer I wait the more anxious I am for His power and for what amazing thing He will bring forth. There is beauty in the changing of a soul, and there is beauty in waiting for the change in a life. Hold tight this season in anxious anticipation with me, God is about to bring something beautiful. Expect His Grace, rest in His power. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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