A Grace Note: Open and Closed Doors 

Dear Reader, 

Last year around this time my husband and I are were on vacation in Door County. Free from the crowds and the summer rush, there was mostly only peaceful quiet, and us. It was the type of quiet you don’t really get to hear very often, a quiet that’s free from the sound of rushing cars and the busy bustle of life that usually surrounds us. It’s a quiet that I think can only really be found in these crisp and darkened days of November. Like a gentle ushering of peace before the holidays begin to stir our souls. God has been teaching me to wait, and to dwell in days like these. He has shut so many doors for me, yet I have hope that the shutting of doors will eventually lead to an opening of the right one. It is hard to be still in a world that is always in a hurry. It is hard to be content in a world that is always telling us to seek more. Is God leading us to live a simpler life? Is He releasing us from the expectations of a world that thrives on instant gratification of dreams and wants? Is He calling us to deeper peace that is rooted in our souls instead of fleeting like our steps? God goes deeper and He lives higher and He comes closer to our hearts than anyone or anything in this world ever could. Is it good to have goals and dreams and plans? I think so. But there must be a willingness to surrender them if and when God hands you something different. The secret that dreams don’t tell you is that many times they can change. But change isn’t always bad, sometimes change is freeing and refining. Our God is a God of Redemption. He is a God of light and love. Our Christ is humble and kind and cross bearing. His Holy Spirit is like cleansing water that changes us and carves out new paths in us, like rivers carve out stone. Change is what Christ came to do. This passing autumn season, with it’s unexpected warm days and it’s beauty freely falling from the tree tops, can teach us a few things about changing our own seasons with Grace and surrendering our lives to the gentle passing of time, accepting from the Creator God each new chapter and trusting that every ending is followed by a new beginning. Have Hope today, friends. God is working something new. 

In Him,

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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