A Grace Note: Turning Your Hurt Into Ministry

Dear Reader,

I took this photo at Holy Hill last month. And as I look at it now all I can think about is the word Ministry. Christ holds His cross here, and while He holds it He’s looking at His people…He’s speaking to them, ministering to them. He suffers yet that suffering doesn’t stop Him from seeing their faces, from wanting to heal their hearts. I’ve had the phrase “turn your hurt into Ministry” all morning. And I look at this depiction of Christ and wonder how I’ve missed it for so long. It’s what we are called to do…carry a cross and reach the world. Maybe our ministries aren’t supposed to stop when we’re hurting…maybe that’s when they are meant to start. My struggle with infertility has been a cross on my back for years. And God keeps showing me that sometimes the only way to minister in a meaningful way to someone is to personally know the hurt…what is hurting you today? Can God use you in it? Can a ministry grow from pain? I can’t think of a better way to show the world that Christ has won us. That we are willing to take death and see life, feel hurt and produce growth, encounter obstacles but build ladders and bridges. Christ saved the world, loved His people, and is bringing them home, all because of a cross He carries on His back. Maybe this changes the world. God can take suffering that the devil wants to use to break you, and turn it instead into a story of victory, and courage, and love, and ministry. Christ calls us to be like Him. So take your suffering and nail it to that cross. Christ’s cross left nail marks in His hands and in His feet, and His ministry left a mark on the whole world. Our sufferings will most likely leave us with marks too, and like Christ has shown us, those marks can build ministries in ways that are so much bigger than us. Love like Christ loves. See His face, and follow His lead. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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