A Grace Note: What Christ and Veterans Have in Common

Dear Reader, 

My mind is drifting back to this tiny chapel in the woods again. November feels like it might actually be starting to settle in today. The chill of the changing season is becoming more noticeable, and all of autumn’s golden splendor seems to have settled into a blanket on the forest floor. The warmth that has held on so long this year, well after the glory days of summer, seems to me symbolic of a year that just isn’t the norm. Turmoil keeps rising to the top, impatience and rhetoric keep nudging into our peace. And yet this chapel in the woods stands just the same as always, quietly and alone and off the beaten path. God calls us to much of the same, to be in the world but not of it, to be at peace amidst turmoil, to live with joy when the world shows us no reason to, and to love our enemies. He calls us to live off of the beaten path, to find the narrow path where chapels like this one stand quiet, strong, and at peace. Where chapels like this one serve as road marks for the way Home. Our words are recorded in a book of Life. Our walk is viewed by a multitude of angels and witnesses and God Himself. We are citizens of a Homeland where hurt, and disappointment, and judgement simply exist no more, from a land full of peace, and mercy, and rest. America will always strive to be the home of the free and the land of the brave…but Heaven will always be that in its truest form. We have veterans who fought hard battles here and still do, who sacrifice their lives willingly in almost a mirror image of what Christ willingly did for the people of His Homeland. And today we are thankful and grateful and humbled by the men and women who fought to bring peace to a world broken and hurting, who fought our wars for us, who were broken for us, so that we could be home. And I dwell today in my Savior, who fought another war I could never win on my own, and who promised to bring me Home, to safety and to peace. We can’t win wars alone, dear friends. Whether those wars be in rhetoric or in physical form. The truth is that those who Christ died for, He also lived for. and He called us to life too…a different life. Be like this chapel, be the peace the world can’t understand.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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