A Grace Note: Perspective 

Dear Reader, 

Sometimes we have to change our perspective. We find ourselves needing to stand and view the world and our lives from a different angle, in a different light. This often arises when our dreams don’t go as planned, when our foundation gets shaken. And we search for new ways to spin our life stories, to keep in trend with the constant and steady spinning of this world. And there are worldly perspectives and perspectives of the Holy and Eternal. It’s the Holy and Eternal perspectives that we often find hold fast. They don’t change. They are faithful to time and to a God who gives life to them. Seeing our lives through the eyes of an Eternal God is often not what we really want, because we live in a temporary world and we are soaked in the desire for instant gratification of our dreams and requests. But God is a weaver of time and life stories. His perspective is Higher and Holier than ours. The Creator of time…often takes His time. While we grow impatient, God grows lives and stories and souls and eternity. He invests time into a world that needs it most. We mortals feel our clocks running out and we panic, but God never does because He knows that our lives don’t stop here, that we are actually creatures of eternity, that Holy things take time. Don’t panic if you feel like your life just isn’t happening yet. God has a different perspective than you do. He doesn’t create anything useless. His purpose always prevails, and His art of weaving together every detail of a life always results in something beautiful, even if the world can’t see it, Heaven does. Have faith. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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