A Grace Note: A Warm November Day

Dear Reader,

This honey golden hydrangea made its way into my heart today. I’ve had a rough week, friends. And honestly, I just wanted to hide away with this autumn and her beautiful colors and her warm breezes. But then God sent me this glorious day. Two of my dearest friends came today, and two little girls along with them. And we drank warm coffee, and we talked about ridiculous things, and we laughed and talked about how our lives are going these days…and man are these days just going by. It’s been years since the three of us sat together like this and talked the day away, and the Lord must have known how deeply my heart has missed and needed them. And then away they drove, off into this glorious November afternoon and I set my hands to raking and my eyes to searching for the remnants of this season passing by. And I came across this hydrangea, and marveled at how it has been beautiful in all of its seasons, turning from green, to white, to honey gold. How beautiful are our different seasons, and how redeeming are the days when our hearts feel whole again. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

In Him,

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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