A Grace Note: Thankful Anticipation 

Dear Reader, 

Frost has settled on our rooftops this morning, and as I stepped out of my front door I was greeted by the crisp scent of a fast approaching winter. It’s that in between time of year, the time when Thanksgiving begs us to hold onto autumn for a few more days before bidding it goodbye, and yet the flurries of snow falling from the heavens pull our hearts into anticipation for the season of Christmas, for advent, for our Savior. It’s this stuck in the middle part, the time between the giving of thanks and the receiving of a promised gift, that I tend to get wrapped up in. But this is the story of our entire lives. It’s what we are meant for, to give thanks and to wait for Him. This hydrangea now sits on my porch, wrapped around a pumpkin and seated under a little sign that reads, “Give Thanks”. And today I am striving to overflow with that thankfulness, even as I wait. Because in every season, we are to be thankful. And it’s not just a command, but it is the desire of God’s heart, that we would see the beauty of every season and trial and grace. Thanksgiving is about who we are as God’s people and how we strive to live this life. Christ taught us that even when the bread is breaking…even when He was broke for us…there was reason to give thanks, to lift our hands in praise, and to stand before the giver of Life with our hearts wide open in joy and in anticipation of who He is and who we will become. Dwell in this in between time, create a merging of thanks and anticipation. See that God is good in every season, and try not to rush too quickly away from this season which begs us to hold on for just a few days more. Christ is coming, may He find us with our hearts wide open and our souls humbled in overwhelming thanksgiving. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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