A Grace Note: An Advent of Simple Surrender 

Dear Reader, 

I’ve been sitting on the dining room floor, right beneath our tiny Christmas tree, sorting through decorations and reading old Christmas cards and contemplating where I can possibly add more twinkle lights to the walls and shelves and doorways of our tiny little home. And I had this overwhelming feeling come flooding over me just a moment ago that I have so much more than I need…that I have all of the decorations that I could ever ask for, that even our small home holds more space than two people really need, and last night when my mama called to see if there was anything we might need that she could pick up for us for Christmas I was honestly stumped. God has changed my heart so much this year. I have no idea where that materialistic and discontent girl I was a year ago has floated away to…but God has done some miraculous work in order to make our simple life something extraordinary in my eyes. My husband has always been able to see beauty in the small and simple, and I’m finally seeing what He sees and my heart is bursting at the seams with the quiet joy God is filling it with. I have felt restless the last month or so. I have pulled up my old resume and just as quickly tucked it away again. I have reached out of my anxious heart to take the reins back…to seek worldly accomplishment and gain over spiritual rest, and I have found that by morning God has already stilled my heart again. Living small and simple requires a faith and trust in God that is huge and extraordinary. This I am learning. Quiet does not mean worthless, small does not mean insignificant, peace does not mean apathy, and joy does not mean without suffering. Life isn’t going the way I had originally thought it would…but that’s kind of what is making it so beautiful. God shows up in the unexpected…and He plants hope and joy and peace right where we are. My emotions have changed like the weather this year, but God hasn’t changed at all, He has stayed beautifully perfect and Good and His love hasn’t faded for even one second. My thoughts keep drifting back to a God who shows us daily that real royalty is found in humble manger beds, and that real life comes with surrender

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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