A Grace Note: The Strength of Advent Grace 

Dear Reader, 

The snow came tumbling down yesterday and felt like a huge sigh of relief. I’ve been worried because my heart hasn’t really been in the Christmas spirit this year, instead it has felt heavy because of a struggle I’m still working my way through. But yesterday the snowflakes fell from the Heavens and gathered right here on earth, and our little neighborhood was transformed into a winter wonderland as evening fell and all of our twinkle lights glimmered gold in the shiny new blanket of white. I told my husband yesterday that snow was like the great equalizer, making all of our yards look beautiful and covering up all of our unfinished yard work from this last golden autumn. Even the tree limb that fell in our yard yesterday from the weight of the new fallen snow looks strangely beautiful, like a blanket of snow covered pine come right down to our level to show us that even heavy things have beauty, and even when we find ourselves where we think we don’t belong, God still crafts us into His beautiful story, serving a purpose and experiencing great love. I’m thankful for the blanket of peace that has fallen over us here, and I’m filled with hope that heavy things can be lifted, and beautiful things still come down to meet us right where we are. This is what Jesus did for us isn’t it? He came right down from Heaven to look us in the eye, to pick up a heavy cross for us, and to cover us in beautiful Grace. Joy to the world, my friends. The Lord has come, and with Him Grace enough for all of our heavy things. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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