A Grace Note: When Advent Grace Turns Your World Upside Down 

Dear Reader, 

My winter covered trees, laced with white snow and leading me to forever look up to their highest peaks, make this tiny portion of land we call our own feel almost other worldly. It reminds me of a snow globe when it is turned upside down and then right side up again and little flecks of gold and white come swirling down and make what was just an ordinary landscape into something spectacular. It feels so very much like what God is doing in my life right now, how everything gets turned upside down but then He sets us right side up and we find a beauty that can only come through the shaking up of things, from the uprooting of the old and the gentle floating down of the new. I’ve spent my life trying to be the peacemaker, trying to fix all of the broken things, trying to prevent anything from being too shaken up. But isn’t that how all the big things in scripture happened? God shook things up and turned tradition and our human understanding upside down and let our salvation be called a mystery. He told us the world would not understand. The very way our Savior arrived was not something the world could understand or accept. It took Angels and the fulfilling of prophecies and Christ himself to let the world know it could rejoice, to let the world know that God works outside of human understanding to make all things new and beautiful. What is happening in your life may not make sense right now, it might seem too hard or too confusing, or like you’ve lost all control. But remember that our timelines belong to God, and His Grace becomes so strikingly visible when our world seems like it’s been tipped upside down. He will set you right side up again. It is a powerful and loving Father God who holds our lives and stories in His hands.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 

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