Day 1 of Advent Joy 

Dear Reader, 

You have probably read my post about my childhood upright piano, the one I learned to play all of the Christmas hymns on, the one that arrived free to us with its broken bridge and its well worn keys. The piano in today’s photograph has a similar story. We purchased our first home a year and a half ago. I had prayed for months that God would lead us to exactly the house He wanted for us. We had been touring this particular house for maybe ten minutes when our realtor led us downstairs and informed us that the seller would be leaving this piano here. It was in the basement and would be too hard to move and was quite old and beaten up so she had no desire to keep it. My heart leapt with joy at her words. Surely God was well aware of my love for old worn in and slightly out of tune upright pianos…and this one was sitting there in front of me like it was just waiting for us to find it. The house was exactly the price we were looking for. It is exactly the right size for two people hoping to one day raise a little family. We had been married four years at that point and had moved four times in those four years, from apartment to apartment. It had been so long since I had a real piano, and finding out this one was ours was like the puzzle piece that made me so sure this was meant to be our home. I’ve been playing through Debussy, one of my favorite composers, and all my unhappy thoughts seem to melt away here. God has provided so much joy through this instrument, I don’t think I will ever be able to find the right words to express how happy my heart feels when I see it, and how loved by God I feel when I remember how He gave it to us. God is so incredibly aware of even the smallest details of our lives. He knows our hearts so well. Today I’m finding joy in the provision He has already given to us, and hope that He has laid Good things in the plans for our future as well. This was a moment when I knew how clearly God saw me. I pray that today you find joy in a similar moment, in a moment when you knew for sure that God really saw you. Christmas is coming, and all of God’s gifts from the entire year are coming to light. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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