Day 3 of Advent Joy 

Dear Reader, 

The snow began to fall yesterday afternoon and kept right on filling our little corner of the world with beauty through this evening. We sang Christmas hymns at church this morning and followed it up with the warmth of a potluck meal. Afterwards, we drove home and went for a walk by the lake, just the two of us, trudging our way through a deep and sparkling fresh layer of snow. This day of simple joy cost zero dollars, and yet it was spectacular. I am filled with praise to the God who has filled my life with so many snow covered Decembers. Not every December in my life has been so graceful. It is because of this perhaps that I have become so aware of the significance and the blessedness of quiet winters, of peaceful moments, of minutes of joy as snowflakes fall from the clouds and gather here at my feet. The Joy of the Lord lives in us. Sometimes it takes hard Decembers to see that His joy does not always come easy, but that His joy is powerfully restorative and life changing. It cannot be extinguished. The Joy of the Lord burns deep in our souls and it is able to keep us warm even when it seems like our world is freezing over. Today, I am glad for a Savior who replaces my sadness with joy and my darkness with light. He is the giver of all things good. He is the creator of these snow covered Decembers and these cozy winter nights. I am not only filled with quiet joy tonight as I reflect on our simple yet beautiful day, but I am thankful for that Joy. I pray today that even if you have experienced hard Decembers, that you haven’t hardened your heart to the giver of Joy. I pray that you can see the beauty in these tiny whisps of falling white snowflakes and snow covered trees and quiet moments at home. And I pray that all of this beauty is pointing you to the One who created it and gave it all to you, the One who came wrapped in swaddling cloths, the One who stepped right out of Heaven to be with you where you are. 

In Him,

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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