Day 4 of Advent Joy 

Dear Reader, 

These are the feet of the man I love. I still remember day dreaming about what our life together could be like. Where we would walk together, who we would be. Our high school dating years are long behind us now, but I still find myself day dreaming about what our future together will look like. I prayed for this man. I was 15 when God sent him my way, and we’ve been together ever since. There is so much joy in my heart when I think of our history, who we are and where we are going. Our story isn’t perfect, but it was crafted together by a God who had a plan. My husband has challenged me to love God deeper, he has held my hand when things seemed too tough, and he has this inextinguishable hope that everything will always work out. Sometimes the joy that God has stored up for us is planted into the souls of the people who walk through life with us. We aren’t alone in joy. There is much joy to be found when we realize that God weaves together lives so that we won’t ever walk alone. These lives He weaves together are our friends, our families, our spouses, our children, our neighbors, the lady who checks out your groceries at the store. Joy in the Lord is contagious and the release of that Joy into the world crumbles darkness and despair and brokenness. Jesus came to break our darkness with light. He came to be our light. He came to be our Joy. The Joy of Jesus has such power, such transformative and gracious power. I pray that if your world feels dark today that you will lift your eyes up to the one who brought His light down here to shatter whatever darkness has taken you captive. You were freed to walk with Joy, to carry Joy, that the world may see that Joy in you and ask where you got it from. There’s a tiny baby in a manger who brought all of Heaven’s Joy to this earth the night He was born. And I pray that all of Heaven’s Joy comes down to you as you seek that powerful Savior. Jesus is for you. He was born for you, lived for you, died for you, rose for you…that you might see the Light of Life and Rejoice. 

In Him,

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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