Day 6 of Advent Joy

Dear Reader, 

 Sometimes we have to fight to keep our Joy. We have to keep our hearts beating steady when everything seems like it’s working against us. I think there is truth to the idea that once you decide to do something with Christ, live for Him, serve Him, love Him, that the enemy is sure to hit you full force. To be full of the Joy of the Lord when our world is crumbling away is something the enemy can’t stand for, because he knows that Joy is often one of our strongest lines of defense. To have a Joy that it is unshakeable, that can’t be taken away or compromised, is to be invincible. That is what Christ has made us. He instilled in us Hope, and Peace, and Joy when He died and rose to give us Salvation. I admit that recently I have had some very hard days. And each of these days God has given me the strength to stand back up, take back my purpose in Him, and smile with Joy that He is on my side and nothing will separate me from Him. Joy is not happiness. And this has taken me a lifetime to realize. Happiness is fleeting, a product of the world, something we can never seem to get enough of. But Joy is eternal, a product of God, and it fills us completely. Joy allows us to smile through tears, to ignite Hope, and to hold onto unshakeable Peace. The Joy of knowing Jesus is that we have Hope in all things Good and Holy and Eternal, and we know that all of those things now belong to us because of Him. If Joy seems hard to find today then I ask you to read His Word, to fold your hands in prayer, and to be reminded that if He is for us then nothing can be against us…and nothing can steal His Joy away from us. Today I think of Mary, whose life was surely hard. Mary whose life didn’t go according to her own plan, but God’s plan. Mary who knew first hand that she was blessed because an angel came and told her so. She was loved and chosen and provided for by the God of endless Joy. And friends, so are we. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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