Day 9 of Advent Joy 

Dear Reader, 

The snow is deep here. It took us three hours to get to my parents house last night when it usually takes an hour and a half. But sometimes I think the whole purpose of snow is to slow us down. Snow always brings about a hushed quiet and a peace I can’t quite explain. The roads may be slippery, our heat might be blasting, our wind shield wipers might be freezing up, but if we roll down our windows all we hear is the soft padding of flakes falling softly on the earth and the muted crunch of tires as they tread carefully through the new terrain. We all just slow down, and hold our breath as we travel through it. There is a slight bit of fear as we grip the steering wheel tighter than usual, but at the same time there is quiet wonder as our world is turned into a winter wonderland and we marvel at how the elements can still cause us to stop in our tracks despite all our leaps in technology. And tonight all this slowing down has once again brought me Joy. We prayed for traveling mercies, that God would keep my family safe as we all gathered this weekend. And God has not only graciously given that protection, but has also allowed all of our other plans and obligations to fall through because of the falling snow and has allowed us all more time together. The day today was slow, and quiet, and what my heart needed. I find so much Joy in how God navigates our seasons and guides how our time may be spent. We can rush all we want, but an act of God (as we like to call the weather) can slow us all down in a heartbeat. Soft falling snow has done that for us again here in Wisconsin. And tonight I’m thinking of the angels who filled the sky and stopped the shepherds right in their tracks the night Jesus was born. Another act of God causing the world to slow down for a night and bringing people quietly together to gather around a manger bed…to gather around family. Joy doesn’t always come loudly and it doesn’t always come as a result of our plans. Sometimes the Joy of the Lord comes unexpectedly, interrupts our plans, and brings us the beauty of simply being together. That’s Jesus’ greatest desire, that one day we will all just be together as family.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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