A Grace Note: Jesus is Greater 

Dear Reader, 

I’ve had it written on a chalkboard above my sink…”Jesus is Greater”. And it’s been running through my head each time I’ve faced something hard the last couple months. But the truth is that we can whisper those words, “Jesus is Greater” even when the beautiful things in life are taking place. Pretty presents all perfectly wrapped, fresh blankets of fallen snow, shiny Christmas lights hung high on the pines, they all point to Him because they’re all for Him. And we do all of these things because He is for us. The circle of giving and receiving is continual on both ends. We give Him our hearts because He gave us His. We give Him our lives because He gave us His. We give Him our voice because He speaks for us…to our Father God every single day on our behalf. We are what Christ gives us, and He’s given us everything…His Life, His Breath, His Voice, His Love. It doesn’t matter what we’ve accumulated here on earth…not our possessions, not our baggage, not our growing list of imperfections. What matters is what Christ has accumulated for us in our new Life with Him. Your world doesn’t have to be spinning perfectly to walk with our perfect God. All it has to do is spin towards Him instead of away. His arms are open and His heart waits for us to see Him and the Joy He has prepared for us. Leaning on the everlasting arms is what it’s all about here. Those arms are strong enough to catch us, to hold us, to provide for us, to rejoice with us. Those arms spread wide to both hold us and declare victory for us. Nothing is stronger than Him. No one Loves us more. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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