A Grace Note: Joy in the Waiting 

Dear Reader, 

Just one more quick thought for today! Sometimes we think our dreams are coming to an end when really God is just saying “not now. Wait for me and I will deliver you”. And it’s in those moments that we must consider how we will react, and how we can live with Joy in that moment of not knowing what comes next. We are told in scripture not to worry about tomorrow, that God will take care of it, that we can’t see the entirety of our timeline but He can. For those of us going through infertility, those of us who don’t know what will come or if what we are waiting for will ever come, we must consider how we can live THIS day with Joy. Our lives are no longer held captive by darkness. Instead they are ignited with the Light and the Life of Christ. This means that we are free from our worries. What if today we physically and emotionally and spiritually said “No” to worry and to anxiousness and to hurt? What if today we said “Yes” to the beauty of the moment God is creating? What if we thrived in the waiting? What if we cling closer to God in this instead of pushing Him away? What if we just fully trusted Him to make our Lives beautiful? God is Good. Sometimes we forget this. He is not hurt, or anxiety, or impatience, or defeat. In Christ we have victory, Joy, love, peace, and hope for tomorrow and all the days to come. He will not abandon you. He will provide for you right where you are. Choose His Joy. Show the darkness that it no longer has power over you. Christ has made all things new. He can turn this moment around for you. Speak His Joy into your Life and into the Lives of those around You. There is power in the name of Jesus, there is Joy unspeakable, and there is Hope in His everlasting arms. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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