A Grace Note: Our Weary World Rejoices

Dear Reader, 

This week before Christmas is doing us in over here. It’s been a week of hard decisions, new beginnings, friends in the hospital, and on top of all that myself and all the ladies in our small group got hit hard with the stomach flu within hours of each other…and our husbands are just now getting hit with it too. Needless to say, the Christmas cookies for the neighbors never got baked and it’s a miracle some of our Christmas cards made it out. Our Christmas travel plans are delayed by at least a day (fingers crossed my hubby stays strong and doesn’t start exhibiting flu symptoms!) and my presents still need to be wrapped. It doesn’t feel like Christmas…but then again maybe it does. As I was eating my plain toast this morning and dreaming of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies instead, I realized that Mary and Joseph had an equally if not more unenjoyable week before the first Christmas. Mary was 9 months pregnant and on the road with no inn willing to let her rest her feet or even willing to allow her some comfortable place to give birth. They were exhausted, they were rejected, they were seemingly cut off from the world as they sat among the animals. And yet amidst all that, God gave them the greatest gift ever to be given. The Christ child. And isn’t this how He arrives to each of us? When we are broken, exhausted, and rejected? He came to bind up the broken, to raise the dead, to breathe new Life and Hope into a weary world. Christ didn’t wait to arrive until we were all ready for Him, He arrived just when we thought we were alone and broken. He came for the people who feel like that. He came to bring Joy to the exhausted, the sick, the sad, the weary. He’s here with us now, and our weary world rejoices. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I don’t feel ready, but that’s exactly the point. We were never going to be perfectly ready, and that’s why He came, because He was always perfectly ready for us. We have no control over how the Christ enters this world, we just have to be willing to Love Him when He does. Rejoice, even you who are weary. He who has loved you with an everlasting Love is here. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer

P.S. Above is a photo of my parents house where I hope we will end up celebrating soon. Praying you all stay safe from the flu bug this Christmas. 


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