A Grace Note: Grace Restores 

Dear Reader, 

The God of all Grace will restore you. I can’t even tell you how much this verse is speaking to my heart today. Restoration through the Joy of Jesus is exactly what my heart is longing for. I want to be strong, firm, and steadfast in Him…especially after I have been so weak, unstable, and vulnerable in myself. I want to be healed. He can do it. I want to live my life with Joy. Only through deep relationship with my Savior is that possible. And I want to hear His voice and go where He sends me. My 2017 has started with a move in my life that looks like going backward. I’ve had to reconcile with myself that “progress” is only defined by moving where and when God wants you to. Sometimes He asks us to go back so we can move forward. Mary and Joseph went back to Bethlehem, the shepherds ran back to a stable, Jesus pointed back to all of the fulfilled prophecies, so that we could be in a place that we once were…in a place where God could walk among us like He used to in the Garden of Eden. Going back often means that you are about to discover something beautiful up ahead…Grace, abounding and free. The God of all Grace will restore you. Maybe you suffered in 2016, maybe you have been for a long while. Maybe you feel like you’re going backward instead of forward, like the hard things are way too hard. But God will make you steadfast and strong. Hold tight my friends, your Restoration is so near. God so loves you, and Hope in Him will make you shine. Joy is worth fighting for, especially when you know the God of Heaven fights for you.

In Him,

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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