A Grace Note: Surrender 

Dear Reader, 

Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmingly impatient while waiting on an answer from God? In 2016, and really in the two years before that, I asked God for so much. I needed His direction. I needed to hear His voice. I needed to be healed. But all I could hear many days was my own voice. God had asked me to be patient, but I couldn’t sit still. My 2017 has begun pretty much the same way. But this time, when I asked God to make something resoundingly clear for me, He did. But hearing His voice meant giving up the control again, and surrendering actions I had already put into motion. This photo you see here today is symbolic of where I feel I’m standing, right on the edge of fresh fallen snow about to forge a new path, about to make a new set of footprints. You will notice there is no set path laid out before my boots in this photo, and many times we are asked by God to walk blindly and give Him our hands as He leads us through unknown waters. Surrender is what is asked of us, and Hope is what is given in return. If you feel you are walking blindly these days, know that God can see your path with clarity. Unbeaten paths are sometimes the most beautiful. Going where the world can’t see a future is very often where God calls us to go because He knows our future can’t be contained in one earthly lifetime. The God of eternity is charting your path. The God of Hope is leading your life. And the God of Heaven is reaching out and holding your hand. You are not alone in your new wandering. God walks with you, and His Spirit will lead you powerfully forth. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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