A Grace Note: Refined by Grace 

Dear Reader, 

I don’t think it is a coincidence that whenever we set out to do big things with God, whenever we experience some powerful Grace, that the enemy tries to diminish some of our wonder in the King of Heaven by injecting some darkness into our view of the world and of our lives. With good news it seems that bad news also comes. At least that has been the ebb and flow of my life lately. And at first, we may feel utterly discouraged by this. I know I must have shouted the words, “why can’t anything go right?!?” a hundred times in the last year or so. But yesterday I saw a bit of God’s Refining power at work. And I know with all my heart now that obstacles are only opportunities to see God’s hand at work. Struggles are only chances to see His power interject Grace. In our fallen world, and in our falling hearts, how else would we know that God can easily do the impossible if we never saw a hard thing moved by His power? I refuse to let the hard days outweigh Grace. I refuse to let His Beauty be covered over by my trials. And I am determined that every hard day be used for His Glory. With God ALL things are possible. I won’t surrender my Joy in Him as the enemy wishes I would. Instead I will praise God louder, I will fold my hands in prayer more often, I will sing worship more confidently, and I will be refined instead of broken. This is the power of Christ in me, that the hard days no longer break me but instead cause God to restore me. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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