A Grace Note: How to Rise in Grace 

Dear Reader, 

Yesterday, I stood beneath the towering pines. I admit that their majestic beauty has given way to a sort of fear inside of me. Ever since this last summer branches have been tumbling down from their heights, and I’ve been unable to discern whether it is because of natural causes or because something is making them less sturdy than they used to be. Trees seemed so solid to me before, so indestructible. And yet with the force of summer storms and the weight of winter snow I’ve seen a few of them fall, as easily as a leaf falls from the branches in autumn. And I realized that their strength is nothing compared to the strength of our God, and that even trees are humbled by His power. I have yet to feel the strength in my life that these trees once held in my eyes. I have yet to feel so sturdy. God keeps humbling me, yet sometimes I mistake the humbling for breaking. The truth is that there is a time to bow low before the King of Heaven, a time to surrender our own strength, and to be covered in a restorative strength only He can give. We have to first bow low before we can then Rise up. Jesus showed us this first hand. The deeper we bow, the higher we Rise. Jesus stepped down from Heaven, was wrapped in humility, bowed down to serve and wash, and laid low in a grave. Only after that did we see Him gloriously Rise in the full power of God. And we are called to be like Him. We are called to find God’s strength in our weakness. Only God decides when the time is right for us to Rise up in Him, and until then we Joyfully bow low in Hope, and Love, and Grace. Humility is not a punishment, it is how we are transformed to be more like Christ. Simple and small lives, bowing and sitting at the feet of Jesus, most often yield the most powerful stories of Rising up in Christ. God has called me to embrace my humility, and perhaps He is calling you to this too. God’s timing has always been perfect. We know this to be true. And because of it we can wait patiently like seeds planted in the ground, knowing full well that we won’t stay this small forever, knowing full well that God will call us to Rise and Bow like these tall majestic pines I stand under. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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