A Grace Note: When Fear met Grace

Dear Reader, 

Sometimes Grace falls subtle and soft on our lives and sometimes it comes suddenly and roaring forth. The snow has returned to Wisconsin today after a week or so of temperatures warm enough to melt the ice away and allow us to air out our homes through open windows. This morning as I was driving my husband to work I uttered a quick prayer as I usually do before we go out on the road for protection. I usually drive scared, but I’ve never once been in an accident. This morning after making it through the slick and winding back country roads we were merging onto the highway when I lost control. The car slid out back and forth into the lanes of traffic and just as a semi came plowing by, control of the wheel was regained and I slid back to my lane before any damage was done. It happened so fast. My heart was racing and I kept thinking, that could have been it. Right there. I prayed for protection this morning and God answered, as I’m sure He does everyday but I just don’t realize it. God’s Grace over our humble and fragile lives becomes gloriously evident when He saves us from our lack of control. If you want to feel steady and sturdy in this life then you have to place your fragile hand into His and trust Him. He is our safety, our future, our strength. This one was definitely a prayer for the prayer journal. It’s been documented and I’m hoping to remember this moment when fear met Grace and when God answered a prayer I wasn’t even sure was needed when I uttered it. Prayer is powerful, and our God’s attention on our life is so incredibly life changing.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer


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