A Grace Note: Faith the Size of a Kidney Stone

Dear Reader, 

I’m taking a day to break from posting my usual photos of God’s creation in order to give you a more real life photo of what this week has looked like for me! I’ve been doing all this writing and talking about how powerful faith the size of a mustard seed can be. God in His wisdom must have thought I needed to experience how powerful small things can be firsthand, as I’ve been suffering from a kidney stone. And I’m seeing the comparisons here, between tiny yet mighty mustard seed faith and tiny yet mighty stones. The crippling power of a tiny kidney stone is actually huge…it brings you to your knees (except maybe not because getting into that position would be too painful!) But maybe our mustard seed faith has crippling power too…power to bring down towering mountains, like kidney stones are said to have the power to bring down even the mightiest of men. I’m just a tiny, 5’4 woman over here. This literal physical battle feels like too much for me, and I’m fighting back fear that a stone the same size could bring down a man three times my size! And yet when I think about how it’s true that such a tiny stone has the same effect on both of us, I’m made aware of the fact that mustard seed faith likewise has the same effect on whoever possesses it, whether large or small. Even in this I want to document God’s Grace…but also His healing power. Would you pray for me? I’m hoping for a painless miracle as I’m told the worst is still yet to come. Thanks, friends.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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