A Grace Note: Healed In His Presence 

Dear Reader, 

A friend reminded me of this passage today from Isaiah: “By His wounds we are healed”. I have always thought of this passage in terms of spiritual healing but it has taken on new meaning in light of my current ailment. Jesus was physically wounded to heal us. And that healing that He was wounded for was meant to come both spiritually and physically to us. Someday we will rise like Christ. Someday our bodies will be healed from the ailments of sin just like our souls are. I’ve recently become more anxious for the body of Christ (His church) to physically become like the healing body of Christ! I am reminded of how Jesus physically healed the sick, the lame, and the broken. How He raised bodies from the dead. How He healed even one of His enemies as He placed back their ear at Gethsemane. Jesus is Healer and in His presence we are healed. If you are suffering in the physical sense today know that the Grace of Jesus is meant to heal not just our hearts and souls but also the broken bodies we walk this earth with. Jesus is always covering you in His healing grace. Hold tight friend, your loving Savior fights for you. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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