A Grace Note: The World Needs Someone Like You 

Dear Reader, 

Have you ever felt like the most uneducated person in the room? I had one of those moments today while trying to relay health information between two of my doctors. I was feeling small in that moment. But here’s something I’m feeling God press into my heart: Sure, my doctors know more about physical issues than I do, but just because I feel small in one area of life doesn’t mean I’m small in every area of it. Maybe your life savings is small, but your love for people is huge. Maybe you didn’t get too far in your education but your knowledge of how to spread kindness and how to encourage is vast. Maybe you’re not the most popular in your corner of the world, but you have the most humility and the hugest desire for peace. Maybe you’re in a job you aren’t qualified for but you have the most drive and motivation. Just because you don’t know everything in the world doesn’t mean that you aren’t of great worth to it. You don’t have to know everything to be someone that the world needs. You just have to know who you are, and more importantly who Christ has called you to be. You can’t be everyone’s everything, but you can be the wonderful thing God made you to be. What is it that you know so much about? What is it that God has created in you that can so powerfully and positively impact the world? Is it your Love?Kindness? Courage? Passion? Humility? Is it your ability to encourage or to go the extra mile? Maybe it’s that fire in your soul to embrace the people of this world? Or maybe it’s that song or that story or that dream that God keeps running through your head on repeat. Your part is just as important as the part the person next to you plays. Don’t feel small in comparison to this world, feel humble yet confident in the work God has given you to do and in the person He has called you to be. I’m learning that it’s alright that I didn’t know all the answers today, after all, God didn’t make me a doctor. He created me with different strengths. Embrace what you know to be true of yourself, and embrace what God has made evident in the strengths of others. We all have a part to play here. We are all His hands and feet. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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