A Grace Note: Freedom

Dear Reader, 

We are granted certain freedoms by this world but those freedoms are nothing compared to the powerful freedom in Christ. That is freedom to Love, to Live, to Give our lives. We are free from selfish gain. We are free from the crushing weight of judgment. We are free from death. Don’t lose sight of where true freedom comes from. This world tries to mimic what is Good but it can only fall short. In Christ is the only true refuge, and He brings that refuge to earth by dwelling in His people and sending them forth to be His hands and feet. We are free from being powerless. We are free to walk across the water, to reach out our hands, to pull our sisters and brothers to safety. His Love gives us all the freedom to go forth, no one can stop you now. No one can keep you from loving other people. No one can stop your hands from serving, your hearts from caring, or even your feet from going. Your freedom is eternal and it cannot be stopped. So keep on beating brave hearts, keep on loving and giving and breaking together. Christ is moving through you, and it’s a beautiful and brave thing. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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