A Grace Note: Unfailing Kindness

Dear Reader, 

I’ve recently had two surgeries done within two weeks of each other, and each time I was being wheeled into that operating room this has been the verse that has been on repeat in my heart. “I have loved you with an Everlasting love. I have drawn you with an Unfailing kindness”. I found it strange that as I was being wheeled away I wasn’t praying for healing or for strength but instead was looking for assurance of God’s kindness towards me and in His love for me. This was what brought me peace each time, that God is kind and that He has always loved me. The same is true for you. God has always loved You. He saw your face before it was formed. He heard your heart before it even began to beat. He has always been for you, in your corner. God is never mean or unfair or unloving. That’s a fact the world forgets. God IS love. He is the very definition of it. He possesses more of its qualities than we could ever hope to have ourselves and He lavishly clothes us in it. His love is personal and up close. His kindness is always present. The world may get ugly but our God never will. He will never lie to us or twist our words or let us down. He is the beating in our hearts and our very breath of life. Life is worth the living just because He lives. I’ve found myself in a new place this week, not feeling as if I am “needing” but instead finding that I am whole when I acknowledge the goodness that is my Father God. Nothing else has really seemed to matter. My life is His and I fully trust Him with it. The biggest waves of peace that we experience in this life often come right when we think we have come head on with a storm. God’s kindness will always be bigger than our fears, His love will always outweigh our worries, and His life will always impact us in the biggest and most grace filled ways. I haven’t felt weak even though physically I am hurting. I’ve felt the strength of His kindness, and because of that I’m seeing that all I have been through has been worthwhile. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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