A Grace Note: Free to Love 

Dear Reader, 

My heart is seeking to grab hold of this fresh wave of peace that I can feel God whispering is just around the corner. I have been convicted in my thoughts that if what I seek is to carry God’s peace and His heart into the world, then what I need is to fully immerse my soul in who God is, and then allow Him to mold my life the way He would have it. The world at present is frightening. The unknowns are at times overwhelming and we fight for things like freedom and life…and yet I fear that as we fight for those things, we somehow forget that those are the things we are given freely…without fighting for…in Christ. What does the Lord ask of us? To act justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. The devil’s biggest lie these days is that we aren’t already free, that God’s freedom isn’t as real as the freedoms we fight for here. But the truth is that because God’s freedom is SO real, nothing can stop us from loving or going or reaching out to help. Nothing can stop our hearts from being transformed by Christ. Nothing can force us to stop acting justly, or loving mercy, or walking humbly. We have the freedom to live out the Goodness of God’s kingdom. We have His Spirit. We were given His Son. His blood runs through our veins. Our hands were meant to serve other people freely, to pray freely, to give thanks freely, to do what is Good freely. Be who Christ has called you to be and settle for nothing less. Joy can spread, peace can flow, life can be freely given. Raise your voice to offer prayer, thanksgiving, encouragement, peace, and love. Jesus is the Goodness in this world. Our Father God is the source of all Love. Grace is what this world is seeking. May the world begin to see that God is Good, that God is Love, that His people are Grace filled, that those who Love Him love them. To know Christ is to Love Him, and to follow Him is to continue in His footsteps here on earth. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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