A Grace Note: Heart Exchange 

Dear Reader, 

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Can I confess something to you this evening before Valentine’s Day? I haven’t been very good at guarding my heart. I haven’t shielded it from stress or from worry. I’ve let every emotion come pounding hard through it’s chambers. And it shows. My words have come tumbling out in a jumbled and jagged fashion and those I love can sense that I’ve forgotten that human hearts are fragile, and that’s why we need to let Jesus enter into them. When what we allow to enter into our hearts is Christ, then the strength and the love and the resiliency of Christ is what will flow out from them. Let worry into your heart, and that’s what flows from it. Let stress in, and that’s what we become. But Jesus beckons us close and He says “here, let me exchange hearts with you, let me give you strength for your weakness and hope for your despair and contentment for your longings”. Tomorrow is about celebrating who we love, but maybe tonight can be about how we love and why we love and about the tender and fragile hearts that still beat in this world who are still waiting to make that beautiful exchange with Christ. We must let love into our hearts so that love is what comes out of it and so that love is what spreads. Jesus gives us new hearts for our broken ones. Jesus wants to give the whole world new hearts for broken ones. So tomorrow, just remember that the tender hearts of the world still need protecting, these fleshy mortal ones we keep, from a world that’s looking for a heart exchange and for a world that’s looking to see how your own heart exchange changed you. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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