A Grace Note: Rushing Waters

Dear Reader, 

I took this photo about three years ago now. My husband and I have made it a habit to take almost all of our big trips in the winter season. This one was to see Niagara Falls from both the Canadian and U.S. Side. I remember being completely humbled by the strength of the water and the sheer force with which it fell. The snow still lay as an icy back drop and steam was rising high and creating an endless string of rainbows above the pools which lay churning below the rushing falls. And I was reading this tiny section of Revelation this morning, the part where it describes the voice of Jesus as the sound of rushing waters and where Jesus says “do not be afraid” and this photo reminded me of that. I so desire to hear His voice everyday of my life, but I admit there are days when I am afraid to hear His answer, I am afraid of the impact He will have on my life, I am afraid of my own weakness. The sound of rushing waters has always been a sound I have chased after. It’s a sound of nature mixed with power, creation endowed with strength by its Creator. Water etches and carves and washes clean. The very same way the voice of Christ does. Today, if you stand before deep waters and you desperately need to hear His voice, know that while we are weak and He is so strong, He never wants us to be afraid of Him. His strength is meant to be our peace. His heart is meant to transform ours. He stands, the almighty Savior of the world and the Holy Son of God the Father in all His power, and He bends and He reaches and He steps down and laid down His life all to reach us. His power isn’t meant to separate us from Him. It’s meant to bring us back to Him. It’s meant to carry us Home. Friends, do not fear what He has to say to you. He is Love and Grace just as much as He is Strength and Power.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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