A Grace Note: The Spilling Out of Grace

Dear Reader, 

What if we refused to harden our hearts. What if instead we yielded to God and let Him melt our hearts with His love. Maybe then our hearts would run with liquid freedom, like streams and brooks which water the earth, spilling out and over and running through. I’ve become very aware of that tightening in my chest when I disagree, when I’m nervous, when I’m feeling afraid. It’s a feeling I’ve begun to identify as pride. And it doesn’t always stem from a conscious decision to be prideful. Instead it comes from some place I can identify as self preservation…a form of hardening my heart in order to save it…in order to protect it. Jesus is melting this part of me. And I have begun to wonder why it is that we don’t want our hearts to have full freedom, because if they did they might melt this whole world for Christ. His love has that effect. Protecting our hearts means handing them to the only one who can save them, the only one in the whole universe willing to exchange our weakness for His strength. He stretches our hearts so they can hold more, so they can love more, so they can be held more. Our hearts are meant to overflow, to run with liquid freedom, a freedom we can’t contain but instead spill forth. Maybe you’re feeling this freedom today or maybe you’re feeling that tightening feeling of pride in your chest like I have on so many days. To feel that is to be human, our normal reaction to the world. But to feel your heart spilling out of your chest…that is to belong to Christ, to be made whole even though parts of you are flowing away, to experience the kind of love Christ has beating in His own heart. I pray we be filled with more of that. Less pride and more freedom. May our hearts keep on melting, keep on thawing out from their most frozen places. We are the Redeemed, and our hearts are the flowing ones. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 

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