A Grace Note: Confidence 

Dear Reader, 

Confidence is not part of my vocabulary. I say the wrong things, I respond the wrong way, I’m not as good as other people, I’m not qualified, I’m not like them. Many days it seems as if doubt is at the top of my vocab list. Doubt in myself and in my abilities. And that’s the whole problem right there. Even in doubt, there is pride. Because we want to do everything on our own, even fail. If we want confidence to enter into our lives, to become part of who we are, then we must determine in our hearts who it is that can give us that. Confidence is not about believing in ourselves, it’s about believing in who Jesus is. We will never feel like we are enough, doubt is strung right into our DNA. It has been that way since the day we fell in the Garden. We doubted then if we were who God said we were, we doubted that what we were created to be was enough. We sought to be something bigger, something more grand. And we missed the point. We tripped. We stumbled over our own confused desires. It turns out that ever since that day all we have ever wanted to do is go back. You hear it said over and over again “the good old days”. We want to return to simplicity. We just want to love and be loved. Friends, God in His perfection, His ability to love, His ability to show mercy, His power, His Grace, His sacrifice, will always be greater than what we are. But He doesn’t let that separate Himself from us, even in our rebellious ways. Instead He stepped down and became like us….so that He could die for us. If you’re struggling with self confidence today, look up. The reason we struggle is because we are looking in the wrong places. The only confidence we have in this entire universe is in Christ. He makes us beautiful. He makes our lives worth something. He builds our future. He instills in us Hope. Don’t throw that away. Don’t make God less than who He is. Confidence in Him is how we are able to run this race. After all, confidence in Him is no less than Faith in who He is. It is powerful, and in Him so are you. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 

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