A Grace Note: Only Jesus Can Make You Whole Again 

Dear Reader, 

I tried to take on something new last week and it just isn’t working out. This has been the story of my life now for about three years, but it is especially true this year. God keeps humbling me…and humbling me…and humbling me more. I prayed for Him to do big things. I prayed for Him to move mountains. I’m realizing now that in order for God to do these big things…I very often must get out of His way. He tells me to rest, and I run. He tells me to go, and I stay put. He tells me to let Him take the wheel, and I grip it tighter. Faith, if it means nothing else, is the ability to let go of what you know and trust instead in what God knows. This world has its rule book, it will tell you what accomplishment and success are supposed to look like. But God has a different vantage point. To be small, is to be beautiful. To be humble, is to be great. To feel weak, is to know His strength. And to feel heartbroken, is to know His mending. You probably haven’t won an Oscar. Maybe you don’t have a PhD. Maybe you don’t even have a career at the moment…like me. The point is that God doesn’t weigh our worth in the way that the world seemingly does. He sees you…not your job, your social standing, your influence, or your successes. He sees your heart in its purest form. You weren’t created to conform to the world or to cultural expectations…you were created to live. There is beauty in simplicity. There is Joy in the quiet of life. If you feel quiet and small in the wake of the world, know that He sees you. Know that you are loved. Know that no social ladder will ever separate you from Him. Know that no amount of income can determine your greatest worth. What can wash away my sin? What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. To all of you stay-at-home mom’s, to all of you “I just want to be a mom”s, to all of you still searching to find your calling, and to all of you that simply feel like your life is marching to a different rhythm than the world…know that God sees the greatness of who you are in His Son. Take heart, you are so loved. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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