A Grace Note: More of Jesus, Less of My Things

Dear Reader, 

I was standing in my kitchen earlier this morning thinking about everything I have to organize. Thinking of how to make our little house look it’s best. It’s a small thought in the grand scheme of things, I know. But it is something that keeps nagging at me. That corner could use another picture frame. Those shelves could use more baskets. These windows could use new curtains. These are not make or break decisions, but sometimes I believe these thoughts can actually cause a slight fissure, or crack, in the way God desires our thoughts to be. Why do I want all of these things? Why does my house need to look like the cover of House Beautiful? Well, I could give you a million reasons why, but I think they all boil down to one answer…other people. Tonight for example, we are having friends from church over for dinner, and I will no doubt spend hours today fussing over things that no one will probably notice but I am convinced deep in my bones that if it doesn’t look perfect, I will be judged. I know that is not the truth. They know that is not the truth. Is this how Jesus meant us to be in communion with Him and with one another? Fussing over things? I am a hundred percent certain it is not. Jesus hung on a cross with not a thing in the world except His heart for God’s people. He could have had it all, all the things, if He wanted. But He chose us. And I can’t help but feel convicted this Lenten season, a season when many of us feel called to give something up in remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice. I stood in my diy remodeled kitchen this morning and had this burning thought come through my mind…Jesus did not die for my things. He died for me. And people will not judge me for my things or lack of things…chances are they just want to be with me. And the reality is, Jesus just wants to be with you. Maybe if we become willing to sacrifice even just some of these small things, we will begin to more clearly see Jesus as the one thing needed. Maybe there will be more room in our wallets to give away. Maybe there will be more time in our days to commune with other people. This is how I will remember Him this Lent, that there would be more of Him and less of me.

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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