A Grace Note: Whose Kingdom are You Building with Your Blessings? 

Dear Reader, 

We were blessed with a weekend get away by our friends and so we spent the last two days simply being together and exploring the quaint town of Lake Geneva. The gift these friends gave to us humbled me. Their encouragement and kindness came into our lives at exactly the moment we needed them. God is so great in this way, that He knows who we need. We would have never met them if our old church hadn’t relocated. We would have gone through this season of our life without these two who have quite literally changed our lives. And so I had to ask myself while we were away, whose kingdom am I building in the way I bless others? I want so much to be a giver and to be as open and as kind as our friends have been to us! We know God is using them. But have I blessed others even as my season of life was difficult? They did. Life has been rough for them too…but they took time for us. They invest in people and in so doing highlight the grace of God’s kingdom. This is where I hope to grow. Today is not as peaceful as the weekend away was…six inches of snow seems to take away that breath of new life I was hoping to find in the warmer spring air. And yet, God is Good and He is kind. I pray that as His Child I would inherit those attributes. I pray that I would grow into the kindness of Jesus, who treasured His friends and who blessed and loved the people in this world. I pray that the way I interact with others would build His kingdom and not my own. This means giving even when I have hardly anything to share, spending time even though my introverted self would rather be less social, and lifting each other up even when my own season of life has got me down. It’s easy to be a giver and to spread kindness and grace when you’re in a good place…the impact comes when we continue to be kind despite our own circumstances. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, may we continue to spill out those blessings into the world. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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