A Grace Note: From Generation to Generation 

Dear Reader, 

This photo is from our recent trip to Lake and Geneva. I have a deep love for church architecture, old hymnals, stained glass windows, old church language, and church pews. Something about it all holds me in reverent awe of my God. But these grand displays of art for my Creator, this rich history of tradition across denominational lines, is not how I have actually met with Jesus. I first knew Jesus was real when I was ten years old. He answered an impossible prayer. He was so real, and present, and beyond anything I ever knew. These forms of church architecture, of language, of worship, are all ways which remind me that He is holy. That He is King. And yet those quiet times of prayer when I’m driving, or when I’m washing dishes, or when I’m cooking…they show me that He is personal, that He lives outside of tall stained glass windows, and that He stepped down from His throne…to reach me. He is Holy and He is God, and He is also Father, Comforter, Savior. I stand humbled by everything He is. On Thursday, I will be posting a review as part of a blog tour for the new Kindle book for young girls, Regal Hearts, written by the founder of Crown of Beauty Magazine. Reading through it reminded me of my ten year old self, filled with imagination and at the same time coming to know God, realizing that He was real. I can’t wait to share the book review with you. I’m so proud of Livy Jarmusch and her ministry to young women. If you know of a little girl who loves to read, stay tuned. I have a great recommendation for you. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


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