The Language of Thanksgiving: Day 4

 “Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.” Psalm 37:7 

A friend called me out last week. She noticed I hadn’t been exhibiting the peace that passes all understanding in my life. She saw that I seemed to dwell hard in my closed doors and shuttered opportunities. And she was right. Door after door after door has been closed right in my face. Life experiences that I thought I was owed because I am human and because that is the norm have not been given to me.

 I felt for years as this photo depicts, that God had pulled up a chair for me and sat me outside this closed door, as if to say “wait here”. And I grew impatient, and I kept knocking, and I kept trying to pick open the lock…but God still had me take a seat. This was my life story for the last three years. 

Last week though, soon after my friend brought up these shortcomings, God began to work in areas of my life. Doors have started opening…and while they aren’t the doors I expected, and while they may seem so small and insignificant, I have felt Him in my waiting.

 I’m at the point in the puzzle when the pieces start lining up and fitting together and the picture starts coming into focus, and I realized that none of my struggling has been for naught. The Grace has been in the waiting, in the hope, in the wondering. 

The doors you want to open might never open, but the doors God has designed for you will. Pull up a chair, my friend, and watch as God puts the pieces of your life together. And as you sit, and wait, and watch, give thanks. Set aside the impatient language of this world, and use instead the language of Heaven in thanks, and praise, and hope. Sometimes all the beauty we need in life takes place right on the front porch, right outside that closed door.


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