A Grace Note: The Grief of Waiting 

Dear Reader, 

I just wanted to encourage you today if you are in a season of waiting. Sometimes, I feel like my wait will never end. That I will always hope, only to see my hopes dashed. That I will always make plans, just to watch them crumble. And for years I have put my life on hold…on wait…because something might change. 

I have very much so let infertility steal away my identity at times. My dream to grow our family ended up growing bigger than how I saw myself…or worse yet, how I thought God saw me. I was taking count this morning of the things I’ve walked away from in order to keep chasing down this dream. I entered marriage knowing I would be a mom, knowing that I would fit that biblical mold of wife and mother. But my knowledge failed me, and God’s wisdom prevailed.

There are things I love, talents God gave me, gifts I’ve set aside in favor of grieving my losses. I haven’t celebrated my wins in a long time. I haven’t picked up those things I used to love. Grief steals…but God is a giver.

 What have you been refusing from God in your life lately? What have you set down and given over to grief? If you are waiting…if you’ve been waiting for a long time…I want to encourage you to step back into something that brings you Joy. Chances are, God has given us reasons to rejoice, we’ve just forgotten about them. 

God has given you a rich identity, don’t lose it in your wait, don’t surrender who God created you to be, all your joys and loves and talents and hopes, to grief. Beauty rises from ashes, Jesus rose from the grave, and you now rise to new life. 

How will you celebrate and take hold of that today? You are no longer held in bondage. Take off those burial wraps and pick up a new song of Joy. Your wait does not define you. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


2 thoughts on “A Grace Note: The Grief of Waiting 

  1. Talasi Guerra says:

    I LOVE this and I am so glad I happened upon it tonight! My husband and I have also been in a season of waiting to grow our family and have been on the adoption wait list for over a year. But we KNOW that God has an even better plan than we do, and I am daily striving to continue to trust that! Thank you for your encouragement today ❤ Blessings to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam Olson says:

      We are just beginning our adoption process over here as well and I have been bracing my heart for yet another season of waiting! With you in the wait and praying for you, friend! ❤ You are so right, God has the perfect plan and He can and will carry our hearts through this!

      Liked by 1 person

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