40 Days of Prayer: Conversations with the King Day 1 

Dear Reader, 

Yesterday, I wrote about starting 40 days of prayer, meaning real and honest conversation with my Father God and I invite you to join me. Whatever it is you’ve been meaning to talk to Him about, I encourage you to do it, for 40 days enter into real conversation with Him over it. Whenever I decide to do something involving God, even something as simple as planning to come and talk to Him, it seems like almost immediately there is a trial or a distraction set before me by the enemy. Don’t stop talking to God. Keep the conversation going. I would love to lift you up in prayer as we go through this together. 

In Him, 

A Fellow Grace Wanderer 


6 thoughts on “40 Days of Prayer: Conversations with the King Day 1 

  1. Wendell A. Brown says:

    So very wonderful to do, as reading and embracing His word each day, nourishes our spirits and where our bodies are weak the healing power of his spirit will make us stronger in so many ways, both physical and spiritual, because he is light and life, so his live feeds us what we need to survive.

    Here is a poem, I would like to share with you, I write poems all the time for him but this is one of my most favorites. I wrote it to him one day as I read his word, and these words came to life.

    ‘Your Name’

    Bring sweet joy
    into my world
    the kind of which
    I have never known

    Become a part of
    my inner being,
    never ever leaving
    my spirit alone

    Comfort me with
    your caring love,
    bringing alive in me
    that subtle change

    So the only song my
    heart will know, shall
    be the one that happily
    bears Lord, your name.

    The greatest treasure in my life is the love of Christ, My spirit happily bears His name.
    Keep moving forward sharing His light and love each day!

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